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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set a PIN?

The device PIN is a 4-8 digits numerical string that could be set during the device initialization process. You will see a check mark after entering the 4th digit. Selecting the check mark means that your PIN is set as 4 digits length. Use up and down to select number if you intend to make a PIN longer than 4 digits. An 8 digits PIN is recommended.

What if I lost my PIN?

For security purposes, JuBiter wallet is not able to restore your PIN when your PIN is lost. However, you can reset the device and restore your wallet again with your recovery phrases.

How to use the PIN matrix?

PIN matrix shows up when you try to initiate a transaction. Unlike the regular PIN input, PIN matrix needs both your phone/PC and your JuBiter device for entering the PIN. JuBiter wallet will generate a 3-3 PIN pad with a random layout of numbers. Users need to enter the PIN on phone/PC according to the position of each number displayed on the wallet screen.

This method protects you from keyloggers - your phone/computer never knows what you have entered as you just entered some random “positions”. Only the JuBiter device itself can "translates" the clicked positions into the actual PIN numbers. It also makes it impossible for other people to obtain your PIN by peeking at your screen as they can only see the blank buttons.

What to do if I lost my recovery phrases?

Take a sit and calm down. Do not be panic yet! If you just simply cannot find the recovery card in your home, most likely you are still dominating your crypto assets as long as your JuBiter wallet is working. Your crypto assets could be in danger only if the recovery card is stolen by someone. But no matter what, you should generate a new wallet and transfer all your coins & tokens to the new wallet immediately.

Why should I back up the recovery phrases and how do they work?

The recovery phrases usually contains a sequence of 12/18/24 English words - uniquely and securely generated from your JuBiter device when you first set it up. It is very important to keep these backup English words secret and safe!

In case your device gets lost, you will need these recovery phrases for getting your wallet back. These recovery phrases can also be used for restoring your wallet in any other wallet or application which supports the same standard (BIP39).

TRemember, do not make any digital copy of your recovery phrases, the paper is the safest medium for storing them.

My account balance is not correct.

An incorrect account balance can be caused be several reasons:

  • The synchronization was interrupted before it is complete. You can tap and enter the detail page of a coin/token and refresh the balance again.
  • See whether you have chosen the right fiat display.
  • If the problem is happened on Bitcoin, especially in the case that the default Bitcoin account cannot show your balance at all, you then may need to check whether your money is in a Bitcoin segwit address. To do so, tap “add currency” – “BTC”. Then you will see a pop up for entering PIN and coin name. Tap “advanced settings” and mark the “Segwit” option. Add this BTC and you will see your balance here.
What should I do if your company shuts down?

First and very importantly, we do not want to shut down the service in any situation. But in case that day comes, you will need to know what to do if JuBiter server (App) is no longer working.

  • Your hardware is still working. If you are using JuBiter wallet with 3rd party services, you are still good.
  • As long as you still have your recovery phrases, you are always able to restore your wallet in any other BIP 39 supported wallets.
For the questions not listed above, you can always contact us at gethelp@jubiterwallet.com

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